Rewrite these sentences omitting the relative an and putting the preposition in its proper position

1. the lady to whom you were talking is the principal of this school.

2. Are these the paintings to which you were referring?

3. Is this the flight by which your cousin is arriving ?

4. The man with whom I was discussing the problem was a total stranger.

5. I want to visit the town in which Shakespeare was born.

6. The hotel at which we see it served good meals.

7. Rachit is the only office assistant with whose work the manager is satisfied.

8. These are the simple instruments with which she performed the surgery.

9. This is the building in which old records are preserved.

10. Who played the lead role in the movie which your father directed?

Dear Student1.The lady you were talking is the principal of this school.2.  Are these the paintings you were referring to ?3.  Is this the flight your cousine arriving by?  4.The man I was discussing the problem was a total stranger. 5. I want to visit the town Shakespeare was born in ? 6. The hotel we stayed at served good meals.  7.Rachit is the only office assistant the manager is satisfied with. 8. These are the simple instruments with she performed the surgery.9. This is the building were old records are preserved.10.Who played the lead role in the movie your father directed?Regards

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