Rewrite each sentence changing the gender of nouns and pronouns:

1. His son is an actor.

2. She had sold her house.

3. The prince is a young lad.

4. The king loved the prince.

5. The queen hated the witch.

6. The hero rode on his horse.

7. He has gone to see the duke.

8. He met his uncle and nephew.

9. Give the dog a biscuit, he is hungry.

10. The washerman went to the emperor.

11. The dog saved his master and his sons.

12. His uncle loves him more than his aunt does.

13. Madam,my aunt and nephew want to see you.

14. The bridegroom was received by his father in law.

15.The headmaster is busy. He is writing a letter to his nephew.

1. Her daughter is an actress.
2. He had sold his house.
3. The princess is a young lass.
4. The queen loved the princess.
5. The king hated the wizard.
6. The heroine rode on her mare.
7. She has gone to see the duchess.
8. She met her aunt and niece.
9. Give the bitch a biscuit, she is hungry.
10. The washerwoman went to the empress.
11. The bitch saved her mistress and her daughters.
12. Her aunt loves her more than her uncle does.
13. Sir, my uncle and niece want to see you.
14. The bride was received by her mother in law.
15. The headmistress is busy. She is writing a letter to her niece.

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