reproduction is synonymous with growth in which of the following set of organisms:-

a) bacteria, unicellular algae and amoeba

b) bacteria, amoeba and fungi

c)unicellular algae and fungi

d)unicellular algae and filamentous algae

the answer is a) but can u tell the reason why oher options are inappropriate ? plz give details

Option A is correct because they all grow in size and by mode of fission i.e. simple mitotic division, they divide into daughter cells and each grows into individual organism. They grow and increase the no of cells and ultimately produce new organisms, so it is said, that growth and reproduction is synonymous in these organisms.

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You see, in bacteria, unicellular algae and amoeba, all three of them reproduce asexually by fission (simple division of cells). Thus one cell gives rise to two (by binary fission) or more (multiple fission) cells by division. In this process the parent cell is converted into daughter cells. Now since the parent cell itself multiplies, more number of organisms are created from less number of parents. Thus it is said that reproduction is synonymous to growth in these organisms.

Now the other options are improper because fungi and filamentous algae both reproduce sexually by spore formation and conjugation respectively.

[Note: Filamentous algae also reproduce by fragmentation but it is rare. And we are considering the question in a general sense.]

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thnx :))

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