Rectify the following entries and prepare a suspenseaccount:
1. A credit item of 97.43 has been debited to a personal account as 79.34
2. A sum of 95 written off as furniture as depreciation has not been posted to the depreciation account
3. 1500 paid for furniture purchased has been charged to ordinary purchases account

Hi Karan, please find the complete solution below.
Date Particulars L.F. Debit
  Suspense A/c Dr   176.77  
    To Debtor A/c       79.34
    To Creditor A/c       97.43
  (Credit item of Rs 97.43 debited as Rs 79.34, now rectified)        
  Depreciation A/c Dr.   95  
    To Suspense A/c       95
  (Depreciation on furniture not posted to Depreciation A/c, now rectified)        
  Furniture A/c Dr.   1,500  
    To Purchases A/c       1,500
  (Purchase of furniture debited to Purchases A/c, now rectified)        
  Suspense A/c Dr.   1.27  
    To Customer A/c       1.27
  (Discount allowed of Rs 37.41 credited to customer as Rs 36.14, now rectified)        
  Returns Inwards A/c Dr.   9  
    To Suspense A/c       9
  (Returns Inwards book undercast by Rs 9, now rectified)        
  Sales A/c Dr.   36  
    To Suspense A/c       36
  (Sales book overcast by Rs 36, now rectified)        
Suspense Account
Dr.   Cr.
Date Particulars J.F. Amount
Date Particulars J.F. Amount
  To Debtor A/c   79.34   Balance b/d   38.04
  To Creditor A/c   97.43   Depreciation A/c   95
  Customer A/c   1.27   Returns Inwards A/c   9
          Sales A/c   36
      178.04       178.04
Note: The balance of Rs 38.04 is assumed to the opening balance in Suspense A/c.

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