Read the source and answer the question that is given below the source

Source 8
Prabhavati Gupta and the village of Danguna
This is what Prabhavati Gupta states in her inscription:
Prabhavati Gupta... commands the gramakutumbinas (householders/peasants living in the village).
Brahmanas and others living in the village of Danguna...

"Be it known to you that on the twelfth (lunar day) of the bright (fortnight) of Karttika, we have, in order to increase out religious merit donated this village with the pouring out of water, to the Acharya (teacher) Chanalasvamin... You should obey all (his) commands....

We confer on (him) the following exemptions typical of an agarhara... (this village is) not to be entered by soldiers and policemen; (it is) exempt from (the obligation to provide) grass, (animal) hides as seats, and charcoal (to touring royal officers); exempt form (the royal prerogative of) purchasing fermenting liquors and digging (salt); exempt from (the right to) mines and khadira trees; exempt form (the obligation to supply) flowers and milk; (it id donated) together with (the right to) hidden treasures and deposits (and) together with major and minor taxes...."

This charter has been written in the thirteenth (regnal) year. (It has been) engraved by Chakradasa.

What were the things produced in the village?

Dear Student,

a. The things produced in the village were  grass, animal hides, charcoal. flowers, milk, salt .
b. The village also has mines and khadira trees which is a rich source of herb


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