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Source 7 

Life in a small village
The Harshacharita is a biography of Harshavardhana, the ruler of  Kanauj (seep Map 3), composed in Sanskrit by his court poet, Banabhatta (c. seventh century CE). This is an excerpt form the text and extremely rare representation of life in a settlement on the outskirts of a forest in the Vindhyas:

‚ÄčThe outskirts being for the most part forest, many parcels of rice-land, threshing ground and arable land were being apportioned by small farmers... it was mainly spade culture... owing to the difficulty of ploughing the sparsely scattered fields covered with grass, with their few clear spaces, their black soil stiff as black iron....

There were people moving along with bundles of bark... countless sacks of plucked  flowers,... loads of flax and hemp bundles, quantities of honey, peacocks' tail feathers, wreaths of wax, logs, and grass. Village wives hastened en route for neighbouring villages, all intent on thoughts of sale and bearing on their heads baskets filled with various gathered forest fruits.

How would you classify the people described in the text in terms of their occupations?

Dear Student,

a. Based on the above mentioned text, one may classify that people in a small village included  small farmers   who cultivated rice , in little patches of land ,as major portion was covered with thick forests
b. Then, there were people who were involved in the sale of  flowers, wax, log , grass, honey, peacock tail and feathers
c.  It also included women, involved in selling of  forest fruits in the nearby villages
d. Such was the representation of life  of the forest of Vindhyas.


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