Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (12)
Happiness is like the sun, it is often hidden by the clouds of thoughts, worries and desires.
We have to scatter and dissolve them to experience happiness. You dont have to create
happiness. All you have to do is calm your mind, because when there is a quiet mind and
inner peace, there is happiness. Happiness is not something far away and unattainable.
Happiness does not depend on circumstances or objects. It is an inseparable part of our
consciousness, of our essence, but hidden and covered from sight by our thoughts, desires
and worries. The mind is always in a constant race from one thought to another, from one
worry to another. It constantly moves from one object or task to another, never standing
still. This restlessness hides the happiness that is within you. It is like a choppy sea that
hides the bottom. When the sea gets calm you can see the bottom. In the same way, when
the mind gets quiet, you sense the happiness that is within you.
You cannot see a treasure at the bottom of a stormy and muddy lake, though it is there.
However, when the wind stops, the water becomes still, and the mud sinks, you can see the
treasure. The treasure is there, whether you see it or not. So is happiness. It is always there,
only hidden by thoughts, desires and worries.
You can experience more and more happiness in your life. Only your thoughts stand in the
way of experiencing it. Next time you feel happy, stop for a moment and watch the state of
your mind. You will be surprised to discover that it is calm, and there are almost no
thoughts in your mind. Since the mind is not accustomed to stay in this peaceful state for
long, it soon becomes active again, and the sense of happiness disappears.
Answer the following questions:
(i) What is common between happiness and the sun?
(ii) How can we enjoy moments of happiness in our life?
(iii) How does the restlessness of our mind come in the way of our happiness?
(iv) How can we detect the treasure at the bottom of a stormy and muddy lake?
(v) What is meant by the word, 'hidden' in the passage? (para 2)
(a) shown (b) reviled
(c) rewarded (d) concealed
(vi) What is the synonym of, 'scatter'? (para 1)
(a) differentiate (b) deviate
(c) take (d) disperse
(vii) Give the antonym of the word, 'unattainable', (para 1)
(a) possible (b) achievable
(c) controllable (d) rewarding
(viii) What is the antonym of the word, 'sinks'? (para 2)
(a) flies (b) lifts
(c) emerges (d) floats
Section B
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