Read the passage given below. And answer the questions. (1) SILENT SANCTUARY 1. As one enters Kollugudipatti, a small village on the Melur - Torupattur road, Tamil Nadu, in South India, a strict message "Hunting Prohibited" greets you. The village is inhabited by approximately 50 families who protect and take care of not only their own children and families but also the migratory birds that visit this village in the month of July and begin nesting soon after. 2. The birds that nest here are spoonbills, night herons, egrets and cormorants. A patch of marshy land in waist deep water has created a mangroove that safely houses these migratory birds. These birds are respected and admired and the locals have individual names indicating their absolute involvements with their welfare. All activities revolve around these esteemed visitors and their security is given prime importance. 3. The villagers have jointly decided against celebrating Deepavali. In Kollugudipatti, it isa time for silence as the fireworks can scarethe birds away. The migratory birds
which have made this mangrove their
home, lay their eggs and the hatching
of the eggs coincides with the festival
of Deepavali. 4. The villagers become
emotional when they describe how
the fireworks of Deepavali frighten the
birds and the chicks. They believe that
if they falter and fall from their nests,
they will never return to roost again!
That would be the most dreadful event
for these caring guardians. And if the
birds never came again, the village
would be hit by misfortune, they fear.
On the basis of your reading the
Passage, Answer the questions given

Solution :-

D. 1. Coincides
2. Marshy
3. Esteemed
4. Dreadful

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