Read the passage and answer the questions given below :

Ants talk- not with words but with tastes and smells! their vocabulary is made up of a mixture of substances they produce in various parts of their bodies and emit via their glands The substances, known as pheromones, are signals that other ants can smell and taste. The messages they communicate set off a specific kind of behaviour: fetching food for instance or looking after the brood or feeding the queen. Ants use a hundred different scents to communicate a hundred different messages. With such a sophisticated array of messenge fragrances, ants organise complicated tasks with close-to-perfect efficiency.

When you see a handful of ants scurrying around in the kitchen without any apparent purpose, it doesn't mean they've lost their bearings. They're scouts foraging for food. Once they've found something edible, they report back to base, depositing their chemical spores on the way. "Food located, please collect, is the taste and smell message for the other members back at the nest. Soon, long chains of worker-ants begin scurrying back and forth from their nest ferrying food which they handover to ants who specialize in housekeeping. The duties of these ants include keeping the nest in good order and cleaning and feeding the queen.

Answer this following questions


C. From the passage, it is evident that ants are diligent and disciplined. They are also effective communicators. They use chemical secretions called pheromones to communicate with each other.
D. Your question is not clear and appears to be wrong. None of the words given in the options are present in the passage.  However, kindly note that submerged means under water . Recheck your question or please be a little specific about the name of the chapter/textbook to which you are referring here so that we can provide you with some meaningful help.


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