read the following statement where 'I' refers to 'you'

"I can't afford to,after what Jack's done to his teeth."

What is it,you think you can't afford and why?Write a diary entry of not less than 125 words.

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I think that question is not clear... and how anybody can write a diary entry ...? when we have not read the chapter....! or even we don't  know the topic which you are thinking...

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Dear rahul,

It was very sad to hear what the dentist said about Jack..He said that due to excessive eating of sweet things his have developed cavities and because of that his teeth have degraded to such an extent that now i feel tht i must stop my habit of eating chocolate cakes,pastries etc.I just cannot afford to eat sweet things and also i guess i wont be able to attend ur party as i know ur favourite is chocolate cake and John cannot afford to eat any more chocolate cakes!!It gives me real pain to see him being tempted by his friends to eat chocolates and going to parties and gulping down blocks of chocolate.I have adviced him but u know children ' nature how can they afford to not eat sweet things inn their childhood.I am really sorry but i cannot come to u for the function.I am feeling really bad about this but u know i just cant afford to after what Jack 's done to his teeth.Sorry.Better k=luckk next time.

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