Read the extract given below to attempt the follwoing question:

Mukesh insists on being his own master. "I will be a motor mechanic', he announces. Do you know anything about cars ?' I ask. I will learn to drive a car." he answers, looking straight into my eyes. His dream looms like a mirage amidst the dust of streets that fill his town Firozabad, famous for its bangles. Every other family in Firozabad is engaged in making bangles. It is the centre of India's glass blowing industry where families have spent generations working around furnaces, welding glass, making bangles for all the women in the land it seem Mukesh's family is among them. None of them know that it is illegal for children like him to work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures

What does the author try to convey by the expression 'being his own master'?

Dear Student,

By the expression 'being his own master', the author tries to share the courage and confidence that Mukesh had. He took his own decisions and was determined to fulfill his dreams. He did  not allow the harsh realities of his life kill his dreams.


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