Read the extract below and answer the question that follows
"I am not a millionaire, but modest businessman. My trade is coffee"
Q1. Who speak this words? In what contexts does you speak them?
Q2. explain what kind of businessman was a the foreigner?
( Treasure trove- The horse and two goats by RK NARAYAN

  1. These words are spoken by the foreigner. Muni speaks in Tamil and the Foreigner in English. The foreigner says so since he thinks a question about his business is asked.
  2. The foreigner was a middle-class business. A trader in coffee, he explains that he and his wife can only afford to buy sixty minutes of TV time in a month, which equals to two minutes per day. However, the foreigner hopes that the sales graph of his modest business would soon go up and he will be able to live a better life. 

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