re-use packaging (bottles,pars,and tins) to attract customer for their product.give reason?

reuse of packaging to attract customers for their product
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Most of the customers prefer to buy those products from which they can get some benefits. As such jars, bottles,etc.can be used for storing things i.e. they can used storage set which is an added they get. So they go for it. Hence recyclable packaging used to attract customers towards their products
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reuse of packages attract consumers as they prefer those products which can give them highest level of satisfaction . and these bottles , jars can again be used to store pickles , massalas in kitchen . also they can recycle them or use for different purposes according to their needs.
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India is inhabited by a large share of middle class population who do not own resources to have the power of use and throw. It is extremely difficult for people to purchase commodities which are expensive and of single use so packaging which is reusable and cheap attract their attention. Also it helps in reducing wastes at dumps.
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