raft a persuasive speech in which you convince the class to  stay at the school or travel to an alternative location that will provide a better safe haven from the zombies. Your persuasive speech must take into account the following issues:
The pros and cons of staying and/or leaving.

The alternative location and how the group can get there as safely as possible.

Why the alternate location is a better place of refuge than the school— or vice versa.

 How the group can get through the barrier of zombies surrounding the school building.

How the group will handle rival human gangs on the road or at the alternate location.

 A Plan B in case the alternate location has been overrun by zombies— or in case the school is overrun by zombies or a rival human gang.

The mode of transportation to safely travel to the alternate location.

 How your group will fashion weapons to protect yourselves against the zombies— or other humans.

 Your group’s fear about leaving the school and facing possible death.

A list of reasons as to why it is necessary to stay or leave the school.

(Please write a persuasive speech on this topic with the following requirments as I have made this question I just wanna check my ans)

Dear Student, questions for speech writing for class VIII are quite different from the one asked by you. There are sample questions given on our website which can be referred to enhance your learning.


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