Question 6:

In a model of a ship, the mast is 9 cm high, while the mast of the actual ship is 12 m high. If the length of the ship is 28 m, how long is the model ship?


Let the length of the mast of the model ship bexcm.

The given information in the form of a table is as follows:


Height of mast

Length of ship

Model ship

9 cm


Actual ship

12 m

28 m

We know that the dimensions of the actual ship and the model ship are directly proportional to each other.

Therefore, we obtain:

Thus, the length of the model ship is 21 cm.

in the answer why do we leave some units in m and some in cm .is it not mistake to do that.

In this case we are dealing with the ratio . Here in both the cases real boat is in metre and model is in cm . So this ratio is 1m : 1cm in both . so these will cancel out each other and have no effect on the solution . However you can first convert it into cm and then proceed to calculation also.

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