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5. Three schools A, B and C want to award their selected students for the values of honesty, regularity and hard work. Each school decided to award a sum of Rs. 2500, Rs. 3100, Rs. 5100 per student for the respective values. The number of students to be awarded by the three schools as given below:           
                                                                                                       A = 50500, 40800, 41600
Find total money given in awards by the three schools.

In school A,Number of students awarded for Honesty = 3Number of students awarded for regularity = 4Number of students awarded for hardwork = 6In school B,Number of students awarded for Honesty = 4Number of students awarded for regularity = 5Number of students awarded for hardwork = 2In school C,Number of students awarded for Honesty = 6Number of students awarded for regularity = 2Number of students awarded for hardwork = 4Each school decided to award a sum of Rs 2500, Rs 3100, Rs 5100 for Honesty, regularity and hardwork respectively to each student.Now, the amount of money given as award by each school A, B and C  can be represented by matrix form as,

So, money awarded by School A = Rs 50500money awarded by School B = Rs 35700money awarded by School C = Rs 41600‚Äč

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