Q5 How does major nutrient present in chapatis eaten by you gets digested and finally absorbed in alimentary canal?

The major nutrient in chapati are carbhydrates. The digestion of carbohydrates is as follows:

Digestion of carbohydrate: Digestion of carbohydrates occurs mainly in mouth and small intestine.  When we eat food, it gets mixed with saliva inside the mouth cavity. Saliva  contains enzyme amylase which partially digests carbohydrate and converts into maltose. Then the food is swallowed down. 

Carbohydrate digestion does not take place in stomach as enzymes become inactive in presence of HCl. Again when the food pulp enters inside intestine, the intestinal juice and pancreatic juice contain amylase that again digests carbohydrate. Here, maltose gets converted into simplest form glucose. 

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