5. A motor car is going due north at a speed of 50 km/h. It makes of 90o left turn without changeing the speed. the change in the velocity of the car is about. 

(A) 50 km/h                                   (B) 70 km/h fowards south west
(C) 70 km/h towards noth west    (D) Zero. 

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Velocity is a vector quantity. It has direction as well as magnitude. Therefore, whenever we talk about velocity we must specify its magnitude as well as the direction.  
Therefore, when a car is moving with velocity 50km/hr in direction of north and takes a 900 left turn it moves in west direction after the turn.
Now, change in velocity is observed. Since magnitude of the velocity is same and only direction has changed we say that its new velocity is 50km/hr in west direction.
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