Q16. "Mohindra Rice Land Limited" is known as the king of rice trade. The company has large market share. Company's internal environment is exceedingly pleasant. Chief Executive Officer of the company has delegated most of the decision-making authorities to departmental managers. For instance, all departmental mangers have the authority to appoint any employee getting a salary up to Rs. 50,000 per month. They need not obtain prior permission from the CEO for this purpose. It is the practice of the company to entrust to one person the responsibility of performing identical activities. It increases the efficiency of the organisation.
Since everything is positive in the company, all persons are keen to seek employment there. Some of the employees are conversing with one another as to how they got appointment in the company.

Deepak Miglani told that he applied for the job after regarding an advertisement in the newspaper. He was called for interview. He was selected on this basis.
Deepak Sharma told that he was introduced by the existing finance manager.


Deepak.sharma. was recruited through the recommendation of.present employee of company
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But it is not clear what'sthe.ques
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A.delegation of authority b.centralisation and decentralisation,authority and responsibility ,unity of direction C.recruitment
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Decentralisation Unity of direction , centralisation and decentralisation Recruitment
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Delegation of authority Authority and responsibility Or centralisation and decentralisation or unity of direction Recruitment
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