Q1. write a short note on the various phenomenon of erosion of rocks.

Q2. describe the process of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Q3. explain renewable and non renewable resources, citing revelant examples of each side.

Q4. ram had tthe following rocks with him -

granite , quarzite , marble , pyrite , quartz , sandstone.

how could he can use these rocks in his daily life. think and explain..

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  1. Various phenomenon of erosion of rocks are described below:

Erosion due to water – Water causes major erosion of rocks. Continuous rain drops cause slow and gradual erosion of outer surface of rocks. Heavy flow of river water breaks and washes away the broken particles of rocks.

Erosion due to wind – Heavy wind flow or storm blows away the rock chips present on the outer surface. When these rock chips hit any rock surface it gets eroded.

Erosion due to gravity – If a large rock gets broke it causes gravitational pull resulting in landslide. Landslide causes huge amount of erosion.

Erosion due to Glaciers – Glacier is the large mass of ice spread over the rocks on the mountain of very high altitude. In summer when the glacier starts melting down it erodes out the outer layer of the rocks.


 3. Renewable resource: Renewable resources are the natural resources than can be produced again by biological or natural processes. E.g. solar radiation, tide, wind, timber (if used in sustainable way).

Non Renewable resources: These are the resources that cannot be reproduced, grown or generated again by the nature.  E.g. coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear power etc.


 4. Granite - Used to make kitchen counters.

Quartz - Used as semiprecious gem stone. Used in manufacture of watches,glasses, paints etc.

Marble – manufacture floors of houses

Pyrite - Produces sulfur

Sandstone – flower vases, jewellery box, kitchen counters, and bathroom tiles can be manufactured by sand stones

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