Q1)Why does a balloon grow in size when air is blown in it? Q2)Is carbondioxide important for life?Why?

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When air is blown into the balloon air molecule exerts pressure on the walls of the balloon causing it to inflate and also air occupies space. Together both the fact leads to balloon grow in size.
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ballon grow bigger in size because when we blow air into it,gas is a source of matter so matter or gas occupies space on the balloon
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Ballon grow bigger in size because air has the freely suspended molecules which makes ballon bigger.
Also,air occupies space.
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ii)Yes, carbon dioxide is important for life because we are depended on plants for oxygen and plant need carbon dioxide for making oxygen.Without carbon dioxide plant die and we can't get oxygen and we also die.
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Air Takes Up Space In The Balloon And Makes It Bigger

Carbon Di - Oxide Is Important For Life Because Plants Need To Breath Carbon Di - Oxide In Order To Live And Breathes Out Oxygen Which Is What We Breath And If It Was Not There We Would Not Survive.
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this is because air occupies space.
it is important plants need carbon oxide for photosynthesis
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