Q1. Why did hari Singh feel bad after stealing the money ? Answer please with in 5 minutes. Plz

Dear Student, 

Anil was a kind and gentle human being. After realizing that Hari was a worthless cook, he taught him to cook instead of firing him. He also taught him to write his name. He promised that he would teach him to add numbers and construct sentences. Under his influence, Hari was developing into a good human being. However, after robbing Anil, Hari realized that the opportunity of changing himself would be lost forever. He was feeling sad that he cheated Anil, the very man who was changing his life and in the process was denying himself a good life. The realization that he was ruining his life for a couple of hundreds dawned upon him. 


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Hari Singh felt bad after stealing the money because he realised that Anil was not meant to be burgled..In fact he was a really nice person who has taken an initiative to teach hari Singh..he was the only person who believed and respected hari Singh..

Thinking these all things in his mind Hari Singh was really embarrassed upon himself..
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when he steal money hari singh fell very bad because anil has firm faith in hari singh . Hari singh doesnot wants to break his firm faith on him.
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Because he didn't why stole the money
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