Q1.Why are forests known as green lungs?
Q2.Explain how, forests prevent floods.
Q3.Explain why, there is no waste in a forest.
Q4. What are the major functions of the crown of a tree?
Q5. What are the adverse effects of deforestation?

1.Forests maintain the natural balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere by using up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during photosynthesis.In this way, forest purifies the air and serve as green lungs in nature.   2.Forests act as a big check dam in the region.They slow down the flow of rainwater, reduce its force and helps control floods   3.Animal excreta and their dead bodies are converted into humus in the soil by the action of decomposers. The humus acts as manure and provides minerals for the growth of plants.So there is no waste in the forest.    4.The major function for the crown of the tree with large, leaves which act like a umbrellas or roof over the smaller trees in the forest.   5.The effects of deforestation:   1.Deforestation causes soil erosion. 2.Deforestation causes the change in the rainfall pattern. 3.Deforestation causes the adverse climatic condition. 4.In the absence of trees of the forest, the rainwater flows faster causing flood conditions. 5.In the absence of trees and plants and the animals will not get food and shelter. 6.Increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.Excess of the concentration of carbon dioxide causes global warming.As carbon dioxide is a green hose gas.
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