Q1. Sketch the character of Santosh yadav .Compare her life to Evelyn Glennie and write their secert mantra for success Q2. Explain maria sharapova feeling when she was packed off to US

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Santosh Yadav is a strong and determined Indian woman who achieved the best in her life with her hard work. She belonged to an average, middle class family who did not much believe in imparting education to girls. However, it was her own determination that she was able to climb the Mount Everest twice in the same year. She was also successful in clearing IAS.

Similar to Santosh, Evelyn was also a determined and hardworking girl. Though she lost her hearing capability during childhood, she took music as her passion. She was awarded many awards at the Royal Academy. She is also the world’s most sought multiplayer of drums and tables.

The secret mantra for both was self-confidence and determination.

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