Q1) how did james mill view india?

Q2) how did british conquer india and estblish their rule?

Q3) 10historical places in india made by british?

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James Mill is regarded to be the first historian to write a detailed history of India in a chronological order. Mill's ‘manly plainness’ is especially evident in his 3-volume History of British India. The following aspects of his book prove that his detailed study had several flaws:

  • In his preface he makes it clear that he had never visited India and yet he asserts his work to be objective.
  • His sole purpose was to defend the British intervention in Indian affairs. And thus he makes every effort to show that the Hindu culture prevailing before the coming of the British was “rude” and “backward”.
  •  The society was filled with ignorance and superstition.
  • He has periodised the Indian history into the Hindu, Muslim and the British era and made it apparent as if no other major changes took place in the history of India, other than the religious ones.
  • To create rift among the population of the Indians, the Muslim era has been labeled to be full of violence and barbarity.
  • To highlight the British period, he writes that it was a boon for the Indians and it had to offer several reforms.


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