Q1-how can we separate petrol from water .draw and explain it?

Q2-Riya was asked to separate dust and water .Also draw a well labled diagram

Q3-Mohan was given mango juice.Name the solute and solventin the mago juice.Mohan added 15 spoons of sugar for half litre .It is a saturated or unsaturated solution.Explain by giving a suitable reason .


Petrol and water are immiscible liquids that is they do not mix with each other. Hence, they can be separated by sedimentation and decantation. When a mixture of Petrol and water is allowed to stand for some time, two separate layers are formed. Petrol being lighter forms the top layer, while water being heavier forms the bottom layer.Petrol can be separated by decantation.



Dust can be separated from water using method of Filtration.

Filtration is a physical method for separation of solid suspended particles present liquids.

In this method the mixture of dust and water is passed through a filter which let only the water pass through it and separates the dust from liquid. The water obtained after filtration is called filtrate while the dust reaming on filter is called residue.



In mango juice

Solute:  Mango pulp and fructose sugar present in mango.

Solvent: Water

Addition of sugar to the mango juice will make it  saturated. This is because the mango juice is already almost saturated solution addition of any more solute will make is saturated.





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