Q. You are acquainted with the construction and working of a lead storage battery. Give the plausible reasons for these facts:
a. There is only a single compartment unlike other electrochemical cells which have two compartments.
b. Addition of water is necessary from time to time for maintenance.

Dear student,

  •  In lead storage batteries it contains dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte and positive and negative electrodes in form of several plate.
  •  These plates are connected to each other.
  • There are group of plates assembled together.
  • Grouping of elements and keeping plates in assembled manner gives the enlarge surface area between the active material and electrolytes.
  • So great amount of electricity will produced and will make it more efficient.That is why only a single compartment is used.
  • As these batteries are charged water in the electrolyte breaks down into oxygen and hydrogen.as this process takes place, the electrolyte level in battery decreases. So there is a need to add water time by time.


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