Q. Write about the regional and cultural diversity of India.

The following points may help you:

a. Our Country India certainly represents a blend of mixed cultures.
b. It is characterised by different communities who have different lifestyles, culture, eating, clothing habits.
c. Different communities, regions, religions are characterised by different way of living adding distinctiveness to our country.
d. For instance, people residing in hills in India, would have different eating, clothing habit as compared with people living in plains or near to sea. Like in Ladakh, people graze sheep for wool, wear wool, eat milk, butter, cheese. People own yaks, goats etc. On the other hand people residing in coastal areas, would be extensively involved in fishing.

e. How in India, different religious communities exist celebrating their distinct cultures and festivities. We witness the celebration of Eid, Diwali, Guru Nank Jayanti, Christmas etc.
f.  It is this mixture of varied cultures that make India an extremely vibrant and colourful society and adds to its strength.
g. We experience variation in cultures from North to south, from east to west, as also intermingling of different cultures, religions, languages.

h. As we interact with people from different cultures , we get influence with their style of living, adopt their cultural practises and amalgamate them with our own culture.
i. Such is a unique mixture of culture, that India represents.

Regional diversity implies diversity or differences that exist in terms of  culture, language spoken, food, clothes in different regions.Our country India is a perfect example of such a regional diversity where

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