Q The surface area of cuboid is 1792 square cm if its l,b,h are in the ratio 4:2:1. Find the length of the cuboid
Q A cylinder and  cone have equal radius of 21 cm and height of cylinder is 8 cm whereas the height of the cone is 16 cm . Find the ratio of volume of cylinder & cone.
Q An area of a circular base of a cylinder is 154 square cm. Find the TSA , CSA  and vol of cylinder if h=7 cm.
Q Find the ratio of TSA of the hemisphere to the TSA of sphere, they both have the same radius.
Q The floor of a rectangular hall has perimeter 220 m the cost of painting the 4 walls at the rate of 210 per square meter is  Rs. 2400. Find the h of the hall.

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Q.3. Let r be the radius of circular base of cylinder.So, area of circular base of cylinder=πr2=154cm2227×r2=154r2=154×722=49r=±49=±7Since radius can't be negative so neglecting r=-7So, radius of circular base of cylinder = 7cmAnd height=7cmThen, TSA =2πrr+h=2×227×7×7+7=616cm2And CSA=2πrh=2×227×7×7=308cm2And volume of cylinder=πr2h=227×72×7=1078cm3

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