Q - Punctuate the following sentence
E) I have to buy a pencil a pen a scissor and an eraser
F) of all the student jiya megha khushboo are my favorite
G) alas he has lost all his wealth
H) why are you so sad said ram
I) we went out took dinner we come back

Solution :-

I have rewritten the sentences with correct punctuations. Some of the sentences provided by you are also grammatically incorrect. So, have made necessary changes to make the sentences grammatically correct. Here are the solutions:-

E) I have to buy a pencil, a pen, scissors and an eraser.
F) Of all the students, Jiya, Megha and Khushboo are my favourites.
G) Alas! He has lost all his wealth.
H) "Why are you so sad?" said Ram.
I) We went out, took dinner and came back.

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