Q no. 47 of T.S Grewal [Retirement/Death of a Partner]
Is there any one kind enough to help me solve this problem

oops!sorry vikas i hav different t.s grawel so i cannot find diz quez! :( 

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Its ok, actually a prodigy already helped me to overcome this nuisance :P

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gasp!!alas u gotta answer thatz enuf!:)lol...is it nuisance??:P

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When u were able to solve all the questions continuously and your self confidence was at its peak. Then suddenly a question appears which even took your 3 precious hours and yet u still fail to calculate it. It even shaked all off your concepts. How would you react? Will you say "Oh my God!

Yahoo! what a pleasant question."Well....

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rofl!!u r ryt...bt i think accountancy is harder sub i neve had seen in ma lyf is it ??

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In my views 

Business studies is the hardest of all. Man i m so tired of this subject, all they do is repeat the same thing in the next chapter with a little change.

Economics is the 2nd hardest

A/cs is ok sometimes hard, sometimes easy. But it is very high scoring if u practice enough.

Maths and english the easiest of all.

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plz solv this qestion ,a boy ask

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You can take help from the solution of that question given in meritnation.
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