Q)Give any five agrument against and in favour of democracy?

Advantages of Democracy

Some of the most important benefits of democracy has been provided and you can elaborate on them by giving reasons in support of these aspects.

1. Ethical Defence

2. Common Welfare

3. Rule of Law

4. Democracy develops the Spirit of Patriotism

5. Responsible to the People

6. Peaceful change of Government

7. Equality

8. More obedience to laws

9. Education

10. Stable Government

11. Self-Government

12. Guarantee of Freedom

13. Democracy against Psychology of Power

14. Will of people are supreme and cannot be exploited by any dictator or group of persons

15. Development of political culture

Disadvantages of Democracy

  1. Quantity rather than Quality: More emphasis on the number of votes.

  2. Inefficiency: Politicians are more interested in their positions and not in the welfare policies.

  3. Corruption: Democracy encourages nepotism, favoritism.

  4. Political Parties: The political parties create chaos and confusion during election campaign

  5. A Government of Careerists, Opportunists, Self-seekers and Demagogues

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 arguments against democracy

1. leaders keep changing in a democracy.this leads to instability.

2. democaracy is all about politicalcompetitoinand power play. there is noscope for mortality.

3.so many people have to be consulted ina  democracy that it leads to delays.

4.elected leaders do not know the best interest of the people. it leads to bad decisions.

5. democracy leads to corruption as it is based on electoral competition.

6. ordinary people dont know what is good for them, they should not decide anything

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arguments in favour of democracy

1.a democratic government is a better government because it is  a more accountable form of government.

2.democracy improves the quality off decision making.

3.democracy provides a methodtodael with differences and conflicts.

4. democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.

5. it is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct its own mistakes. 

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against democracy (sorry could not think of more)

-corrupt officials who always think of their benifit and not that of the country

in favor of ( in dictatorship/monarchy)

-you cannot raise your voice against ruling party

-you cannot choose your own leader

-u cant oppose to their treaties or policies

-there is no uniformity of rule

- there may be bias on basis of caste,gender, religion etc

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