Q-Answer the following questions:-
1.find out the term used for the patwari in your state.
2.if you live in rural area find out:
  i.how many villages does the patwari of your area maintain land records of?
  ii.how do people in the village contact him/her?

Dear Student,

It is an activity based question, you may however refer the following points to frame your answer:

1. ​Patwari is an administrative officer at the village level with the task of preserving records related to land. The records kept by the patwari are used for calculating land revenues. He may be referred as Lekhpa​l, Karamchari, Village officer, ​Kanungo etc

 i. Patwari basically maintains land records of many villages which may vary from area to area and state to state. It could range from 50 villages to 100 villages.There is no fixed number of villages assigned to a Patwari. He may be responsible for a single village or a group of villages depending on the population of the area and the size of the area.

ii.Patwari himself is responsible for organising the method of collecting revenue and gathering all necessary information. People can directly approach Patwari in his office and provide necessary information related to their land.
It is important for Patwari to update his records from time to time.


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1- the land record people or
patwari is a goverment official in the rural areaa who maintains records of  0ownership of land and tiling
2-.1 -the nyaya panchayat has over more than 100 vilages in  1 book information of 1 village 
2-.2-i dont know

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