Q:A 5.1kg block is pulled along a frictionless floor by a cord that exert a force P = 10N at angle thyta = 37 degree , above the horizontal ,
  1.  The force P is slowly increased . what is the value  of P   just  before  the block  breaks  off the floor.
  2. What is the acceleration of   the block  just before it is lifted off the floor.

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To lift the block, the vertical component of the applied force should be equal to its weight. Therefore,

P' sin 370=5.1×10P'=53×51=5×17P'=85 N

(ii) Now, Just before the block leaves the contact force, then the applied force n horizontal direction is.

ma=P cos θa=85×cos 375.1=17×45.1a=685.1a=13.33 ms

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