Q.20. A body when projected vertically up, covers a total distance D during its time of flight. If there were no gravity, the distance covered by it during the same time is equal to
(A) 0
(B) D
(C) 2 D
(D) 4 D

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The displacement of the body during time 't' as it attains the point of projections=0vot-12gt2=0t=2vogDuring the same time 't', the body moves in absence of gravity through a distance D'=v.tbecause in absence of gravity, g=0D'=vo2vog=2vo2g  ................ (1)In presence of gravity, the total distance covered,D=2H=2vo22g=vo2g  ......... (2)Dividing equation (1) by (2), we get,D'=2D

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