Q.1. discuss the use of colour imagery in the above extract:
Q2.what special significance does the phrase faithful Pride hold in the extract.


1) The purple and grey colors signify depth and maturity. After a transition from youth to adulthood, women and men usually develop these qualities. Their preferences also change due to this change. The speaker says that the purple and grey bangles thus are suitable for middle-aged women. The use of color imagery indicates the poet's mastery as a very sensitive, empathizing, and perceptive observer of life.

2) The phrase fruitful pride has been used to indicate the basic trait of a woman's involvement in household tasks. A woman is expected to perform a lot of duties in a traditional social system. Her commitment, though undervalued at times, is selfless and undemanding. She works with the conviction that her dutifulness will bear fruits someday, and prove to be beneficial for the entire family. The phrase ‘fruitful pride’ suggests the realization of this hope that brings in her a sense of contentment with her work as a homemaker.

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