Pss Journal entries and prepare ledger accounts:

Mar. 1 . csh in hand-5500,bank-4500,machinery rs.15000, debtors-Ram-150 Sonu-2000, bank loan-10000, creditors-Sudha-2300.

Mar. 5.purchased goods from Sudha for rs. 1500.

Mar. 10 received cash from Sonu on account.

Mar. 15 cash deposits in bank rs. 2300.

Mar 31 paid to Sudha on account rs. 3500 by cheque.

Mar. 31 depriciation charged on machinery rs.1000. Paid bank loan instalment rs 1000.

Journal Entry
Date Particulars L.F. Debit
Mar.01 Cash A/c Dr.   5,500  
  Bank A/c Dr.   4,500  
  Machinery A/c Dr.   15,000  
  Ram Dr.   15  
  Sonu Dr.   2,000  
    To Bank Loan A/c       10,000
    To Sudha       2,300
    To Capital       14,850
  (Business Commenced)        
Mar.05 Purchases A/c   Dr.   1,500  
    To Sudha       1,500
  (Goods purchased from Sudha)        
Mar.10 Cash A/c Dr.   150  
    To Sonu       150
  (Cash paid to Sonu)        
Mar.15 Bank A/c   Dr.   2,300  
    To Cash A/c       2,300
  (Cash deposited into Bank)        
Mar.31 Sudha Dr.   3,800  
    To Bank A/c       3,500
    To Discount Received A/c       300
  (Amount due to Sudha paid by cheque in full settlement of her account)        
Mar.31 Depreciation A/c Dr.   1,000  
    To Machinery A/c       1,000
  (Depreciation charged on Machinery)        
Mar.31 Bank A/c Dr.   1,000  
    To Bank Loan       1,000
  (An instalment of Bank Loan paid)        

Due to paucity of time it is not possible for us prepare all the Ledger Accounts.According to the Journal Entries. you can prepare Ledger Accounts Accordingly. However, if you find any difficult related to your query you may get back to us. We assure you our help.

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