Prove that the statement "Mourad had a way with animals, birds and farmers" is true. Give suitable examples

Mourad is one of the main protagonists of the story “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse”. He was a lover of horses. It was one of his most cherished dreams to have a horse ride. He was so passionate about horse that he could do anything for it. He even stole a horse just to have a ride. His craziness was supposed to have come down from his uncle Khosrov. However, he was kind, sensitive, caring and compassionate. He had a way with the horse and the farmers. He took care of the horse so nicely that when it was returned to the owner, John Byro, it had improved its health. He was very quick learner. He was also a very resolute. He not only learnt the strategies of taming the horse, but also learnt how to ride it properly. He also had a very amiable nature. In spite of his poverty, he enjoyed his life to the brim unlike other who rancor their birth. When he talked with John Byro, he convinced him that it was not his horse. Mourad had a very persuasive way of talking.

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