Production of vitamins employed not only men and machine but microbes too. Give detail of such microbes.

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Vitamins are the essential components of the food. They are required in small quantities by the body. There are many microbes which produce different types of vitamins. These microbes produce vitamins either by fermentation or by bioconversion process. 
These microbes include both bacteria and fungi. Some of the microbes and the types of vitamins produced by them are given below:
Microorganisms Vitamins
Bacillus suntilis 
Candida flareri
​Ashbya gossypii 
Vitamin B2
Aspergillus niger
​Gluconobacter suboxydons
Vitamin C

Flavobacterium sp
Vitamin K2

Geotrichum candidum
Vitamin E and K1
Arthrobacter hyalinus
​Bacillus megaterium
Klebshella pneumoniae
​Streptomyces griseus​

Vitamin B12

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