a) Collect 4 wrappers each of frozen, canned and fried food items. b) Find the preservatives present in these food items. c) List the various preservatives and methods of their preservation. d) What are the chemicals used in preservatives? e) List 3 harmful food preservatives and its side effects f) List 3 natural preservatives

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Canned food items include canned beans, canned asparagus, canned ham, canned tomatoes etc. Sodium nitrite is used as a preservative in canned food.
Food materials like fruits, vegetables, fishes etc. are boiled in sugar syrup or canning salt solution and are packed inside a can. Then the can is boiled in water bath or pressure canning is done for sterilization. Due to boiling in high temperature all microorganisms will die and airtight packing will prevent new microorganisms from entering in side.

Frozen food items include frozen seafood, frozen meat,frozen pies, frozen vegetables etc. Frozen foods does not require preservatives.
The food can be kept in frozen condition inside the freezer for a long time. The temperature inside the freezer is very low (lower than the freezing point). We know that usually microbes cannot grow in extreme conditions. For this reason by keeping food inside the freezer growth of microorganisms can be avoided. Without microbes the food materials remain fresh for a long time.
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