Popular struggles are integral to the working of democracy. Explain.

Popular struggles are integral to the working of democracy, this can be said by the following points:

  • A democracy is formed only after struggles take place. So obviously struggles are integral for a democracy.
  • If a specific policy is undesirable by the people, then they can alter it by reforming the structure of the government by movements or say struggles.
  • Democracy is the government of the people, they can have a democracy of their choice. This can be done by movements and other pressure groups.
  • People can stay connected to the government through pressure groups and struggles.

From the above points, we can say that struggles are a integral part of the democracy. 

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This statement is correct as under democracy piblic get several rights like right to information , All people r equal bfore law,etc. So If any policy or law of govt.  denies the rights of people they can protest against the law . This is the proof tht they r equal and also  This ensures their self esteem and rights..

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In  place  cellur  jail  is ?

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The story of Poland and that of Nepal apply to the struggles for the restoration of democracy and the peoples struggle against the privatisation of water in bolivia remind us that the popular struggles are the integral part of the democracy.

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This statement is true by taking the example of privitization of water in bolivia and the right to collect the water tax was with sold MNC which increased the price by 4 times.People's struggle and mass movement made the MNC flee and water tax was restored to the government.
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show the chief features ,geographical location,background,movements and establishment of democracy in bolivia
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