Poor management is due to both inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Explain

yes, poor management is due to both in efficiency and ineffectiveness. effectiveness is concerned with doing the right task, completing activities and achieving goals. efficiency means doing the task correctly and with minimum cost. efficiency can be increased by: using less inputs such as cost, materials equipments and persons, So more output is produced. Obviously, the Management is concerned with the efficient use of resources because they reduce costs and ultimately reduced and leads to high profits. E.g. a person had completed the task after due date & also he had not used the available resources efficiently & effectively. This shows that he is neither effective nor efficient in completing the task on time which shows that he had not followed the concept of management which consists of 2 things (effectiveness & efficiency). Effectiveness & efficiency are 2 sides of the same coin. These terms are different but they are interrelated. For management it is to be imp. to be both effective & efficient. Management has to see that tasks are completed(i.e. Effectiveness) with least amt. of resources(i.e. efficiency). So, we can conclude at last that effectiveness & efficiency are 2 sides of the same coin. Every task should be done effectively & efficiently keeping in mind that resources are limited & the given task should be completed on time. Also, at last I will only say that effectiveness & efficiency are the 2 terms which are simultaneously performed every manager of any department in any organization.

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