Political enslavement deprives one of their sense of identity. Discuss with reference to 'The Last Lesson'.

Political enslavement deprives one of their identity by falsifying the one which had been constructed from birth and imposing a foreign nationality. It creates a disjunction between the two identities such that the person feels oppressed and deprived of their basic rights as they do not know which identity to adhere to. For German occupied Alsace in the story, it means the loss of their language and the right to learn or speak in that language. This would be a very difficult thing to do because one grows up speaking one language and then to impose another language for political goals is a violence upon that person's rights. As Franz wonders if the roof pigeons would also be required to sing in German,we are given a sense of the restrictions that the French would feel once German becomes the language of communication. They will feel alienated and enslaved by their political condition which would rob them of their very identity.

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