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Plzz solve this Accent Electronics Ltd. was operating its business in Malaysia. The company CASEIE' 4 started exporting its products to India when the Prime Minister announced relaxation in irr•prt duties on electronic items. company appointed retailers in India Who had online lin_ks With the suppliers to replenish stcxks when needed. Identify and explain the dimensions of business environment discussed in the above cag (4 Marks) [CBSE, FOREIGN 20161

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i) Political environment: "The Prime Minister announced relaxation in import duties."

Political environment includes political conditions such as general stability and peace in the country and specific attitudes that elected government representatives hold towards business.

(ii) Technological environment: "The company appointed retailers in India who had direct online links with the suppliers to replenish stocks when needed."
Technological environment of business includes forces relating to scientific improvements and innovations which provide new ways of producing goods and services and new methods and techniques of operating a business.


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