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T h e   s u r f a c e   a r e a   o f   o f   t h e   c u b o i d   i s   1792   c m 2   i f   i t s   l , b   a n d   h   a r e   i n   t h e   r a t i o 4 : 2 : 1   t h e n   f i n d   t h e     l e n g t h   o f   t h e   c u b o i d .

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Here is the solution of your asked query:
Since the length, breadth and height are in the ratio 4:2:1
so suppose length, breadth and height be 4x, 2x and x respectively.
Then, total surface area of cuboid=2lb+bh+lh=24x×2x+2x×x+4x×x=2×14x2=28x2Assuming the given surface area of cuboid as 1792cm2, so we have;28x2=1792x2=64x=±64=±8since dimeansions can't be negative so neglecting x=-8Therefore, length of cuboid=4×8=32cm
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 1.   2(lb+bh+hl)=1792
       14x2 =896
        x2 =64
2.   22/7 *21 *21*8  :  22/7 *1/3 *21 *21 *16
3.  22/7 *r*r =154
     r*r =49
     r =7
     CSA =352
     TSA =704
     Volume =2464
4.   2 *22/7 *r *r   :   4 *22/7 *r *r
      1 : 2
5.   IDK
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the first one..
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