plzz plzz help me

i m not at all able to understand this poem"when i set out for lyonnesse" plzz explain me..

When Hardy set out for Lyonnesse; (Myth & Legend / European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) the mythical birthplace of Sir Tristram, situated in SW England and believed to have been submerged by the sea;  a hundred miles away, the rime; frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapor in cloud or fog:  hoar frost; was on the spray, and starlight lit his lonesomeness; lonely, when he set out for Lyonnesse a hundred miles away. What would bechance; happened by chance; at Lyonnesse while he should sojourn; a temporary stay: stay temporarily; there No prophet durst; durst archaic or regional past of dare; declare. Nor did the wisest wizard; a man who has magical powers, especially in legends and fairy tales: a person who is very skilled in a particular field or activity; guess what would bechance at Lyonnesse while he should sojourn there.
  When he came back from Lyonnesse with magic in his eyes, all marked with mute; refraining from speech or temporarily speechless: lacking the faculty of speech: (of hounds) not giving tongue while hunting: (of a letter) not pronounced: a person without the power of speech:  (in some Asian countries) a servant who was deprived of the power of speech: a professional attendant or mourner at a funeral: a clamp placed over the bridge of a stringed instrument to deaden the resonance without affecting the vibration of the strings: a pad or cone placed in the opening of a brass or other wind instrument; Surmise; suppose without having evidence: a supposition or guess.

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