Plz solve this question in a paper plz i have exam i tried it but i want full ans in a sheet of paper only

Dear student,

Such questions need to be answered on your own. However, here are a few value points that would help you frame the required article:

Modern psychology says happiness is subjective well-being, or “people’s evaluations of their lives and encompasses both cognitive judgments of satisfaction and affective appraisals of moods and emotions” (Kesebir & Diener, 2008, p. 118).

The key components of happiness are:

  • Life satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with aspects of life (like work, health, etc.)
  • More presence of positive affect
  • Low levels of negative affect
-The government should harmonise all government plans, programs, and policies to achieve a happier society.
-Happiness Index
-Today's youth should understand that happiness is not derived from pursuing pleasure. It is derived by working towards goals that are reflected in one’s values. 
-Happiness brings the best in people.
-The real happiness comes from within.
-The inner peace is the real goal.


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