Plz solve question 1and 4

Plz solve question 1and 4 3 AREAS YQkUMES A metallic sheet is of rectangular shape with measurements 4B x 36 crn. From each one of Its corners square of e cm is cutoff. An open box is made of the remaininp sheet. What is the volume of the box ? 5120 cm A 4 cm Cube Is cut into 1 cm cubes. Calculate the total surface aree of the smell cubes. What is the ratio Of surface area of small cubes to that of the large cube 7 The edges of three metallic cubes are in the ratio of 3 : 4 5. These cubes are recast into a single cube whose diagonal is 12€3 cm. Find the edges of the three cubes. A rectangular sheet of paper 44 cm x 1B cm is rolled along its length and a cylinder is 2772 cm' formed. Find the volume of the cylinder. The ratio between the curved surface are and the total surface area of a right circular cylinder is 1 : 2. If the total surface area is 616 cm3, find the volume of the cylinder. 1078 The difference between outside and inside surface of a cylindrical metallic pipe 14 cm long is 44 sq. cm. If the pipe is made of 99 cubic cm of metal, find the outer and inner radii of the pipe. A milk tanker cylindrical in shape having diameter 2 metres an length 4.2 metres supplies milk to the two booths in the ratio 3 : 2. One of the milk booths has a rectangular vessel having base areas 3.96 sq. m and the other has a cylindrical vessel having diameter 2 metres. Find the level of milk in each of the two vessels. He ht of milk in rectangular vessel = 2m ; Height Of milk in cylindrical vessel = 1.68 m The diameter Of a roller 120 m long is 84 cm. If it takes 500 complete revolutions to level a play ground, find the cost of levelling it at the rate of Rs. 2 per sq. metre. A conical tent is required to accommodate 7 persons. Each person requires 22 sq. dm. breadth. Find the vertical height and the

the paper is rolled so that its length will be equal to the circumference.





volume of the cylinder=22/7*r2 *h



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