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plz help A calorimeter for which mc= 25JK¯ contains 140 g ofa liquid. An immersion heater is used to provide energy at a rate of 40 W for a total time of 4.0 min. The temperature of the liquid increases by 15.8 oc. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the liquid. State an assumption made in reaching this result.

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Heat Supplied=Heat gained by calorimeter + heat gained by liquid.Thus,Heat supplied=McalorccT+MlclTor, cl=Heat supplied-McalorccTMlTT=15.8°C 15.8°KHeat supplied=40 J/s×4×60 s=9600 Jor, cl=9600-395140×10-3×15.8cl=4161.4 J/Kg/K 4.2 kJ Kg-1K-1

We assume no heat is lost to the surrounding


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