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Chapter name is Going for water 
Robert Frost 

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In this poem, the poet, Robert Frost narrates an adventurous journey of a few children who travel across field to fetch water from a brook. Since the well beside their house was dry, the children took buckets and went outside in search of a brook. Evening has already dawned in their village, but they were not scared, "because the fields were ours". They ran as if they wanted to catch the moon that has slowly risen behind the trees. They were filled with excitement and joy as they passed through the forest. Soon they heard the lively rippling of the brook. In the last stanza of the poem, the poet has portrayed a beautiful picture of the brook. As the beautiful moonlight feel on the stream, it looked like a 'silver blade'. The small drops of water appeared as if they were pearls. 
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Plz help this chapter  SUMMARY 
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